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Dear Financial Aid Office,

My name is [Enter student name] and my student ID number is [Enter student ID number]. I know that the COVID-19 outbreak has had unprecedented impact on the school's operations, and wanted to thank you for your efforts in responding to this crisis in the best way possible.

To help with the school's policy of social distancing, I know that many on-campus jobs have had to be paused or canceled until further notice. I am interested in work-study opportunities for coming semesters, and wanted to ask how the on-campus employment situation may evolve. [Enter more details about what types of jobs you'd be interested in and when you'd want to start. If you've been employed on campus before, mention that too!].

I would really appreciate any advice or guidance on how to best plan for finding employment for [Enter semester(s) you're hoping to get an on-campus job for]. Any information is greatly appreciated in this time of uncertainty.

All the best,

[Enter student name]