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Dear Registrar's Office / Dear Financial Aid Office [Remove to keep the relevant one],

My name is [Enter student name] and my student ID number is [Enter student ID number]. I'm tremendously excited to start at [Enter college name] in the fall of 2020 [Change if different start date]. I know that the COVID-19 outbreak has had unprecedented impact on the school's operations, and wanted to thank you for your efforts in responding to this crisis in the best way possible.

The current circumstances have unfortunately led to substantial hardship for me. [Enter more info about your special circumstances, and how they're impacting your ability to pay for tuition. You can remove this paragraph if it doesn't apply!]

Given the unexpected disruption for the school, I would like to know how tuition fees at the college will be impacted for fall 2020 and spring 2021. A lower level of tuition fee would really help me afford my college education in these difficult times.

I would also really appreciate any advice or guidance on how to make sure I can start school in the best financial situation possible. Any information is greatly appreciated in this period of uncertainty.

All the best,

[Enter student name]