Group requests

<aside> 👯 A request to your college could work better if it comes from a group. Example: if you're asking for a dorm room refund that's not covered under your college's standard policy, write a letter signed by 10+ of you.


Template: Group request

Housing requests

Template: Ask to stay on campus

Template: Ask for a housing/meal plan refund

Employment requests

Template: Ask about status for work-study jobs

College enrollment requests

Template: Ask your college about their summer/fall plans

Template: Ask colleges for new students' fall plans

College tuition requests

Template: Ask for refunds when you leave school

Template: Confirm what you have to pay back if you leave school

Template: Ask for a deferment on tuition payment

Template: Ask for a discount on current tuition fee

Template: Ask for tuition fee changes for new students

Template: Ask for a fee waiver on a payment plan

Financial aid requests

Template: File an aid appeal for more funds